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Hitting, Catching, Pitching
PX2 hitting machines & Strike-Out Pro HitTrax analytics and gaming


Batting, Catching, Bowling
PX2 batting machines


Hitting, Catching, Pitching
PX2 hitting machines HitTrax analytics and gaming

Evolve your game with Hittek

Hittek combines body science and technology to provide the ultimate training tools for cricket, baseball and softball players across Australia. Hittek was founded on the principle that all athletes, regardless of their level or age, should have access to the most technologically advanced training equipment. We provide sports centres with the best equipment available in the world, creating an environment that promotes engagement in sport, physical activity and player development.

Hittek Taking Over Australia

Hittek provides access to the best performance enhancing equipment available, from the grassroots level right through to the elite, Hittek improves player performance and gives players a competitive edge.
  • Px2

    Life-like simulator that allows batter’s and catcher’s to experience game-like conditions to refine their skills...

  • HitTrax

    Baseball data capture and simulation system that provides advancement metrics and assessment data for hitting, pitching and catching....

  • Strike Out Pro

    Pitching system that captures data while displaying an adjustable strike zone for pitchers to refine their control....

  • Bash Box

    Portable tunnels for promotions, entertainment, events and training....

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There isn't a better way to train

Hittek's training and gaming tools are the best way for players to increase their performance while having fun. The state of the art equipment provides an exciting environment where any person can concentrate on flaws in their technique and shrink their learning curve dramatically, leading to rapid improvement in player performance.